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About Us

An-Nur (Ontario) Cooperative Corporation {An-Nur} is incorporated under the Cooperative Corporations Act, Ontario.  An-Nur Co-op's business is conducted strictly on an interest-free basis in accordance with the Sharia'h guidelines, and under the applicable Provincial and Canadian Laws.
An-Nur Co-op. is managed by a group of experienced & sincere Muslim professionals who are dedicated to serve you/the community only for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).
An-Nur Co-op’s Commitment
We are committed to provide:

  • Courteous, friendly & Sharia'h compliant services to our community; &
  • Full disclosure of all pertinent information to our share holders & Investors on a timely basis.

An-Nur Co-op has a relatively safe and secure investment plans that allow share holders (Members & Investors) to diversify their investment in real estate. An-Nur’s low overhead cost operation allows for a higher percentage of profit to be returned to share holders as a halal dividend at the year end. Since its inception, An-Nur Co-op has distributed above market dividend – dividend declared was 5% in 2004, 7% in 2005, 7.2% in 2006 and an average of 6.2% in the subsequent years, AlhamduLillah.  We expect this trend to be continued in the current year & in future years Insha’Allah.

Mission statement

“Making interest free lifestyle easy for the community mainly for the pleasure of Allah
SWT. “


  • Providing opportunities for interest free investment in real estate projects {commercial, industrial & residential}.which will benefit the Muslims & the Canadian community at large;
  • Providing Sharia’h compliant  Home Purchase Plan at comparatively reasonable cost; and
  • Helping to provide other financing services, e.g., RRSPs, RESPS, TFSAs & Investment in Community Related Profit-oriented projects.


  • Salim Ansari, MBA, CA
  • Hamid Hussain, CGA
  • Sarfaraz Haq


At present, we provide our services in the following provinces only.  Insha’Allah, we are working to extend our operations in other provinces as well.

  • Ontario; &
  • Alberta (limited operation).


  • Investment in residential real estate projects under Musharaka (partnership) basis;
  • Recently introduced “Home Ownership Made Easy” (HOME) plan. See further details under the Home Purchase Plans;
  • Investment in industrial & commercial projects (through a related corporation)
  • RRSPs – Self directed interest free investment (through a related corporation)
  • RESPs (being introduced through a newly started corporation).
  • SUKUK – Interest-Free Bonds – being finalized (Three to Five year bonds- principle protected under the Mudarabah concept, with reasonable income from IJARA investment).
  • Other interest-free investment & financing services, as permissible.


An-An-Nur Co-operative Corporation's mailing address is:
1585 Markham Road,
Suite #209,
Scarborough, ON. M1B-2W1.
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Tel: (416) 754-4135
Fax: (416) 754-0838
Regular office hours are
Monday – Friday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturdays: With Appointment
Email - [email protected]

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